The coloured stripes in Tristan's hand-knitted woollen socks provide a unique way of sending a message to your loved ones.

Love Socks

Tristan da Cunha's 37 Degrees South knitwear present: Love Socks

Why not join in and use the Tristan Islanders' unique way of declaring your love?

Knitting has been a custom on Tristan da Cunha for many years and Tristan ladies were always busy knitting socks, stockings, sweaters, pullovers and underwear such as men’s drawers and bodices. Throughout this time the language of socks was born and has held a special place in the island of Tristan da Cunha’s heritage. Although this tradition occurred many years ago, it is still remembered today and so socks have a special meaning on this small island.

In the old days the community of Tristan was rather shy and so were people of few words. Love and affection was often shown by gestures and one particular gesture was the knitting of socks, which held a special significance.

When a young man wanted to court a young lady he would visit the parents house bringing a small gift and sit with the family in the kitchen. The father would know this was a sign that the man had an interest in one of his daughters. The young lady in question would in turn knit a pair of socks for her young admirer, depending on the number of colours and stripes on the socks, the young man would know how fond she was of him. If the young man was happy with the message his socks showed, he would take this as a sign of the young lady’s affection and make her a pair of moccasins, which was always previously done by her father. The young lady would then offer to wash his clothes and this was a sign that they were formally engaged and a marriage would follow shortly.

It has been told that coloured imported wool bartered from passing ships was kept in most houses for the striping of socks. So in keeping with tradition, Love Socks are knitted from local island wool but are brightly coloured with stripes from imported wool, shipped all the way from South Africa. Although our ancestors did not put into words the meaning of each stripe and colour, we would like to distinguish our love socks as follows:

2 Large Stripes - Fondness
2 Large Stripes and 2 small stripes - Loyalty
2 Large Stripes and 3 small stripes - Friends Forever
2 Large Stripes and 4 small stripes - Great Affection
2 Large Stripes and 5 small stripes - Head over Heels in Love
2 Large Stripes and 6 small stripes - Will you be mine?

From the Love Socks Collection:
Left: Loyalty - Centre: Friends Forever - Right: Head over Heels in Love!

Tristan has often been called the love island and is the place where many outsiders and islanders return to be married. One feature which enforces this is Queen Mary’s Peak, the highest point on the island. At the summit lies a lake, which is very unique, as the forces of nature has shaped it into a heart. This heart shape lake is portrayed on our Love Sock Logo to portray that love truly reigns here.

So, if you hold someone in great affection, whether it is a spouse, parent, sibling or friend and you want them to know how much they mean, why not show them by sending them a pair of Tristan "LOVE SOCKS" from you to them.

Love Socks are available now for purchase

including a pack with a Certificate of Authenticity,
37 Degrees South and Love Sock Tag
(with the full details of Love Socks shown above)
at the price of:

W016 £18.00 for Gents

W017 £14.50 for Ladies

W022 £11.50 for Children

W023 £9.50 for Babies

Above: The heart-shaped
Queen Mary's Peak Crater Lake
that inspired the 'Love Island'

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  1. Fondness - 2 Large Stripes
  2. Loyalty - 2 Large Stripes and 2 small stripes
  3. Friends Forever - 2 Large Stripes and 3 small stripes
  4. Great Affection - 2 Large Stripes and 4 small stripes
  5. Head over Heels in Love - 2 Large Stripes and 5 small stripes
  6. Will you be mine? - 2 Large Stripes and 6 small stripes

so for a Gents 'Head over Heels in Love' Order - W016E

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