The British Overseas Territory of Tristan da Cunha in the middle of the South Atlantic is the world's remotest community. island
Tristan da Cunha - Love Island
A special page with love from Tristan da Cunha to show the world Tristan's credentials as the Love Island

Selfridges iconic Oxford Street Store
launches Tristan Lobster sales
on Valentine's Day
14th February 2015


See Tristan Lobster UK for details
if you want a romantic meal in and also
Tristan Lobster Europe
for restaurants serving Tristan lobster

Tristan da Cunha's
37 Degrees South
knitwear present:

Love Socks

Why not join in
and use the Tristan Islanders'
unique way of declaring your love?

See - Love Socks to find out more

Atlantic Fresh girls serve up 2009 Valentine's Day treat on Love Island

Pictures left from Iris Green show scenes as the Atlantic Fresh Team
prepared and served their Valentine treat for Islanders.

Iris reports:

We organised a Valentines takeaway meal on Saturday evening. The weather was lovely so we set up two gazebos outside the Prince Philip Hall and sold our meals from there. The food was very popular especially the Marinated Beef Slice and Chocolate Surprise. The outside tables were decorated with white tablecloths, candles and roses to create a romantic mood.

Lorraine Repetto sends news of Tristan's 2009 Valentine menu with love :

Valentine's Day is here again!  We can't believe its a year since the factory burnt down - how time flies!
This year for Valentine's night Atlantic Fresh decided instead of having a restaurant-style dinner we would host a Valentine's takeaway.  This way it becomes a family night out for those who wish to bring the children along.
As the weather forecast predicts warm weather, hardly any wind, and no rain we are erecting two gazebos outside of the Prince Philip Hall, from which we will serve the takeaway.

Preparation in full swing
with Paula and Emma
busy with the savouries

Orange Hearts
were one of the popular sweets

The menu:
Spicy Chicken Puff ~ Tuna Roulade ~ Marinated Beef Slice
Rice Salad ~ Potato Salad ~ Onion Bread
Coleslaw ~ Sweetcorn
Orange Hearts ~ Chocolate Surprise
And on Special: Ravioli with chicken filling ~ Kiddies Hot Dog

The Atlantic Fresh Team's next project is organising the catering
for the 2009 Queen's Day.

Left : The Atlantic Fresh Team in relaxed mood after a good night's work ~
Left to Right ~ Samantha, Emma (at back), Dawn, Lorraine, Paula & Iris

As well as the 2009 event why not discover why Tristan da Cunha IS Love Island,
by reading on below ....

To begin at the top.... Tristan da Cunha's 2062m high Queen Mary's Peak is a mecca for lovers as it offers this stunning view of its heart-shaped crater lake, photographed by Captain Peter Holloway of London Offshore Consultants who is supervising the oil rig salvage operations on behalf of the Insurers.


Frosty but still romantic ....'s web manager took this similar photograph after climbing the peak with his young bride on Ascension Day 1984. Having journeyed to Tristan da Cunha to complete their honeymoon three months before, and with no other companions to spoil this winter view of the heart-shaped frozen crater lake.

The world's first (and most successful) blind date?

In 1826, after the arrival of 52 year old bachelor Thomas Swain, Maria Glass was the only woman islander and the long-term viability of the community in doubt. The solution was as neat as it was bizarre. Five bachelors negotiated with the regular visiting Captain Amm, of the Duke of Gloucester to try to persuade five willing ladies to accompany him from St Helena on what may be the world’s first ‘blind date’. When the sloop anchored in April 1827, it indeed contained five women. The first ashore, Sarah Jacobs, was taken by the hand of Thomas Swain, as he had promised. Shortly one couple had become six and a viable community on Tristan da Cunha was thus a real possibility.

Tristan da Cunha Weddings

are celebrations for the whole community as work stops
everyone joins the party!

We show below four weddings which took place in St Mary's Church


Mariah Green and Marko Leitner
on 22nd September 2005 (left)

Barry Carter & Hazel Swain
pictured right
on 25th February 2006




Simon Glass and Natasha Green
on 17th February 2005 (left)

Adrian and Samantha Swain
on 12th November 2005 (right)


Atlantic Fresh St Valentine's Day Restaurant
About 50 diners celebrated St Valentine's Day in the Prince Philip Hall on the night of Wednesday 14th February 2007. Tristan's own catering company 'Atlantic Fresh' (who had previously provided take-away meals from the hall, and also provided catering for Receptions and Old Year's Night) organised a splendid themed evening with special menu, decorations, lighting and music to create a restaurant atmosphere on the island for the first time.

Lobster Salad Hearts


Pea Soup



Sweet Beef and Peanut Curry


Moroccan Lamb


Sweet and Sour Fish



Iced Peach Terrine


Lemon Meringue Pie


Chocolate Hearts



Rice – White and Yellow


Roast Potatoes


Fresh Salad


Steamed Carrots * Steamed Peas



Beer * Wine Selection * Soft Drink Selection

Prices on

Coffee * Tea * Irish Coffee


The Atlantic Fresh team are all girls working normally for the island's Treasury Department, and this was their most ambitious project yet. We await a photograph of the girls in their smart uniforms kindly sponsored by Karriem Fowkes of Table Bay Marine, Cape Town.

The St Valentine Night's team was : Lorraine, Iris, Paula and Dawn.
Samantha (on St Helena) & Emma (Maternity leave) are also normally part of the Atlantic Fresh team.

Congratulations girls!

'There was a nice and romantic ambience, with low light atmosphere and candles on tables, with music during the dinner. Decoration of the tables with roses, of course.'
Comment from Thierry Assef who also kindly sent the photos of the special dinner.
'The food produced was sublime to say the least. I have eaten in restaurants
in UK and South Africa. Our Tristan ladies cooking tasted better than what I have experience abroad. Jamie Oliver eat your heart out! Well Done! "Atlantic Fresh" I will be amongst the first to book a table for the next venue. I hope we will not have long to wait.'
Comment from Conrad Glass (Tristan's Police Inspector)
Thanks to Administrator Mike Hentley, seen here with his wife Janice, for inspiring our Valentine's Special- Love from Tristan