The park was built beside the 1961 volcano to commemorate 50 years since Tristan's population was evacuated to England.

Tristan's 1961 Volcanic Park Opened and named 'Park 61'

Report from Dawn Repetto and photos from Tina Glass

A ceremony was held on Monday 8th April 2013 to officially open 'Park 61' in time for the last two cruise ship visits of Barque Europa and Plancius later in the month. The enclosing wall is now finished and the benches and picnic tables have arrived and been installed.

Photos show
Acting Administrator Kobus Potgeiter, Tourism Co-ordinator Dawn Repetto, pensioners Joe Green, Herbert Glass, Donald Hagan and Anthony Rogers
- who built the park -
and Lay Preacher Lars Repetto
who gave Park 61 a blessing.




The park's outer wall incorporates the plaque unveiled in February 2011 by Governor Andrew Gurr to commemorate the 1961 volcanic eruption

Views of the Volcanic Park

from Tina Glass taken on 20th March 2013

Panoramic views west to the village

View south to the 1961 volcano summit

Work continues on the walls and gate

Another view west

Volcano Park Update 13th March 2013

Report and pictures from Dawn Repetto

Visitor's Sign at the approach
to the 1961 Volcano
The Volcano Park site was chosen as it offered a good view west
over the village, with the Thatched House Museum in the foreground
New gate being installed on 13th March 2013
View from the Volcano Park
to the summit of the 1961
lava flow and the dramatic cliffs behind.
The park will be grassed
and seats installed to
provide a panoramic view of the village.

Volcano Park takes shape

Photos from Dawn Repetto and Tina Glass

They're at it again. The paint on the Traditional Thatched House Museum was barely dry when Tourism Coordinator Dawn Repetto persuaded the famous Tristan Pensioners to embark on a little light work!


  • Clear boulders of highly abrasive 'aa' lava bocks from a plateau on the west wide of the 1961 lava flow
  • Level the site
  • Construct walls
  • Construct and fit a front gate
  • Assemble and place furniture for Islanders and visitors to be able to sit and enjoy the views! (arriving aboard Edinburgh in March)

Here is the result of the first phase of the operation to create Tristan's Volcano Park:

Clearing the site on 8th February 2013

End of Phase 1 on 13th February - yes only FIVE DAYS LATER!

Tidying up after Phase 1 ;

Herbert, Eric, Ches and Anthony

Is this the world's most active group of pensioners?
The Volcano Park Construction Team of
Donald Hagan, Herbert Glass, Eric Glass, Joseph Green, Ches Lavarello
and Anthony Rogers

The park's walled enclosure

More views of the intrepid pensioners after their huge physical effort - well done men!

New Path to 1961 Volcano Opened

report and pictures from Tina Glass

A new path has been made to the 1961 volcano summit following the landslide which made the old route behind the volcano dangerous. The project was led by Neil Swain (Head of Agriculture Department) and Joseph Green, (Head of Mechanical Department).Lots of hard work was put into this with a big channel cut up through the volcano with the island's digging machine driven by Duncan Lavarello. Once this channel was completed a path leading to the summit was cut manually by a Government work force.

The path was officially opened on Friday 16th March 2012 at 11am. The ceremony was conducted by lay minister Lars Repetto and present were the Administrator Sean Burns, Marina Burns, and Kelly Burns, Chief Islander Ian Lavarello. Dawn Repetto, Iris Green, Joseph Green and Neil Swain.

The path is accessed by taking the road over the 1961 lava flow towards Pigbite, with the 1961 volcano summit path starting just before the turn to the island's refuse site.

The new path
Group assembled at the summit
Left to right: Iris Green, Sean Burns, Kelly Burns, Marina Burns, Ian Lavarello, Lars Repetto, Neil Swain, Joseph Green
St Mary's Church Lay Reader Lars Repetto
blessing the new path