News of islanders' births, marriages, deaths, and significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries, both on Tristan da Cunha and abroad, during 2015.

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Baptism of Holly Rogers

Report and photos from Shirley Squibb
Holly Violet May Rogers, was Christened on Sunday 6th December in St Joseph's Church. The day started with sunshine, but started drizzling just as everyone were on their way to church. Thankfully it did clear later that morning. After the beautiful service, held by Anne, everyone congregated at the Prince Philip Hall to celebrate the Christening and shower Holly with gifts.

Godparents, Left to Right, Kelly Burns, Conchita & Geraldine Repetto, Linda Green, Vera Glass, Dean Repetto, Lay Minister Anne Green, Kelly & Mum Glenda Swain, Holly, Julian Repetto, Dad Philip Rogers, Clifton Repetto, Donna & Jason Green, Clive Glass and Matthew Green. Absent were Charmaine Swain and Kimberley Green.

Lay Minister Anne Green with Holly

Big brother Lucas and Holly

Holly's stunning cake
Glenda, Holly and Philip

Baptism of Sophie Swain and Tyler Swain

in St Joseph's Church on Sunday 20th September
Report and photos from Tina Glass

Scene in front of the altar of St Joseph's Church showing Bishop Monsignor Michael McPartland flanked,
left, by Emma, with baby Tyler Swain, and, right, by Sasha, with baby Sophie Swain following the baptism.
Also in the photo are parents Nicky Swain (left of Emma) and Steve Swain (right of Sasha) with other Godparents.

Baptism of Sophie Swain

Sophie Alice Swain,
born in Cape Town on 7th May,
was baptised on Sunday 20th September
by Monsignor Michael McPartland,
Apostolic Prefect of the Falkland Islands
and the South Atlantic Ocean,
who was making a welcome
return visit to Tristan
to support the
Roman Catholic community
based at St Joseph's Church.

Sophie Swain with her Godparents: Left to right - Kirsty Repetto, Kelly Swain, Cedric Swain, Emma Swain, Leanne Swain,
Steve Swain, Kelly Burns, Sasha Green, Patrick Green, Shane Green, Leon Glass, Jody Squibb, Justin Green and Jason Green.
Absent Rachel Green.

Baptism of Tyler Swain

Tyler Nicholas Barry Swain,
born in Cape Town on 28th April,
was baptised on Sunday 20th September
by Monsignor Michael McPartland,
Apostolic Prefect of the Falkland Islands
and the South Atlantic Ocean,
who was making
a welcome return visit to Tristan
to support the Roman Catholic community
based at St Joseph's Church.

Tyler with his Godparents - left to right: Vanessa Lavarello, Caryn Green, Kelly Burns, Paula Swain,
Andrew Green, Father Nicky Swain, Patrick Green, Mother Emma Swain with Tyler, Simon Glass and Donna Green.
Absent were Rodney Green and Rachel Mawer.

Birth of Holly Rogers

We are delighted to announce the birth of Holly Violet May Rogers to proud parents Philip Rogers and Glenda Swain in Cape Town on 1st September 2015.

Holly was born at 12.54pm and weighed in at 3.23kgs.
The photo right shows Holly with her brother Lucas.

Reports from Shirley Squibb and Tina Glass

Christening of Ella Repetto

Report and photos from Tina Glass
Ella Jane Repetto was born in Cape Town on 12th February
and baptised in St Mary's Church by Rev. Denzall Snell on Sunday 16th August.

Ella with her brother Aiden

Ella's Godparents, left to right -
Back row: Donny Green, Jonathan Repetto, Father Denzall Snell and John Lavarello
Front row, Gerry Repetto, Natalie Swain, Geraldine Repetto, Mother Kirsty with Ella, Father Eugene,
Brother Aiden Repetto (in front) and Tanya Green
Absent were Rachel Green and Linda Potgieter

Obituary for Henry Rogers

We regret to announce the death of Henry Rogers, on 17th July 2015, aged 70. Sadly, Henry passed away aboard MV Edinburgh, en route to Cape Town for medical treatment.

Henry was born on 19th March 1945, the first son and third child of Cyril and Ellen Rogers.

Henry worked in the Public Works Department. He also assisted at the factory during fishing operations and must have pushed tens of thousands of crawfish down the chute to the tailing area. He also loved fishing. He enjoyed being outdoors and going to the patches. He was often heard singing or whistling as he was walking to the patches tending to his pumpkin plants. Henry was hard working, and was willing to help anyone. He was good with children and was very affectionate to his nephews and nieces. Henry also loved music, and he loved to dance.

He is survived by his mother, Ellen, sisters, Catherine, Jenny, Betty, Jessica and Brenda, brothers, Frank and Jeffrey, and their families.

The family wish to thank the doctors, nurses and all those in the community who helped to look after Henry during his illness. A special thank you to his carer, Norman Glass, who was travelling with him.

Obituary for Edwin "Spike" Glass

We regret to announce the death of Noel Edwin Dodgson (“Spike”) Glass, on Wednesday 27th May 2015 in Camogli Hospital, aged 86. He preferred Edwin as his official name, but was always affectionately called “ Spike”. He had been unwell for a few weeks since losing his footing while working at The Patches and was admitted to hospital when his condition deteriorated.

Spike was born on 7th December 1928 to parents George and Eliza Glass (née Swain) and was the eldest of five children. From an early age Spike accepted the responsibility of caring for his siblings: Joseph, Conrad, Agnes and Herbert. When, at the age of 14, his parents went to Nightingale Island on a “fatting trip”, it was the young Spike who had to look after the children, for example washing their clothes in a stream, baking bread over an open hearth, and milking the family cow.

Spike married Monica Rose Glass (née Rogers) on 10th August 1955. They had two children, Sheila and Conrad (“Connie”) and two grandchildren.

When evacuated to England after the 1961 volcanic eruption, Spike worked for Lanes, first as a night-watchman, then as a carpenter's mate, installing foundations for roads and pipelines connecting to the Esso Oil Refinery at Fawley. After returning to Tristan in 1963, Spike only left the island on one further occasion, to accompany his wife to Cape Town when she underwent medical treatment.

Spike was perfectly suited to the Tristan way of life as he relished all outdoor activities – walking on the mountain, sailing, fishing and tending his fields at The Potato Patches.

At the age of 18, Spike became a fisherman, first in small rowing dinghies, working the larger vessels fishing at Nightingale, Inaccessible and Gough Islands, and later on power driven boats, continuing to work until his retirement from fishing at the age of 70.

Spike was active in many areas of island life, becoming coxswain of the traditional Tristan longboat “Raffee”at the age of 30 and being elected to the Tristan Island Council, where he was never afraid to speak his mind.

He was known as a man of strong integrity and morals, with a high work ethic. His zest for life was founded upon deep religious beliefs and his interests included music, watching football, making model Tristan longboats, gardening, angling and caring for his animals. His perennial good nature and sense of humour enabled him, even on the day prior to his passing, to challenge the Rev. Denzall Snell, to a run to The Patches.

Spike truly enriched the lives of all who had the good fortune to know him. His legacy will live on, not only in their memories, but in the influence he had on their lives and character. He is survived by his wife Monica; sister Agnes; brother Herbert; his children Sheila and Conrad; his grandchildren Leon and Warren and his nephews and nieces.

Obituary for Alex Glass

We regret to announce the death of Alexander (Alex) Glass on 24th May 2015, aged 75.

Alex was born on 21st March 1940, as the second son of Herbert & Rachel Glass. During his life Alex worked in the Public Works Department and in the Island Store before his retirement. Alex enjoyed music and will be fondly remembered for his love of playing the accordion. He entertained the community many times with traditional tunes. He is survived by his many cousins on the island.

The photo of Alex, right, was sent by Karen Lavarello-Schreier.

Birth of Sophie Swain

We are delighted to announce the birth
of Sophie Alice Swain
to proud parents
Steve Swain and Sasha Green
in Cape Town on 7th May 2015.

Photo from the family taken on 9th May

Birth of Tyler Swain

We are delighted to announce the birth of Tyler Nicholas Barry Swain to proud parents Emma and Nicky Swain in Cape Town on 28th April 2015. Tyler was 2.3kg at birth and is a brother to Ryan who is also with the family in Cape Town.

Photos from the family of Tyler on his own and with his brother Ryan

Obituary for Wendy Green

We regret to announce the death of Wendy Tracy Green, who passed away peacefully on the morning of Wednesday 25th March 2015, aged 41. The funeral took place the following day.

Wendy was born to parents Caroline and Anthony Rogers on 7th November 1973. She is survived by her husband Raymond, children Linda, Julie and Callum, parents Caroline, Anthony and her sister Denise and brother Daniel.

Wendy was employed by the Tristan Government Department, Electrical and Plumbing and continued in her work until her death. She also worked at the fishing factory as a processor for many years and always enjoyed her jobs.

Whenever passing her she would always greet people with a great big friendly smile and sometimes would also like to stop and chat. Wendy tried her best to help others in need whenever she could right up until her death. She was a hard worker, who lived her life of compassion and courage.

She will leave behind many treasured memories and will be greatly missed by all those who knew her.

Wendy is sadly missed by her loving husband Raymond, parents Anthony and Caroline, children Linda, Julie, Callum, sister Denise, brother Daniel and all close family relations and friends on the island and overseas.

Birth of Ella Repetto

We are delighted to announce the birth of Ella Jane Repetto
to parents Kirsty and Eugene Repetto
in Cape Town on 12th February 2015.
Ella Jane is the second child of Kirsty and Eugene,
a sister for Aiden.

The family returned home to Tristan da Cunha
aboard MV Edinburgh
arriving on Good Friday 3rd April 2015.

Photo of Ella
from Kirsty
taken on 2nd March