News and photos of yacht visits visiting Tristan da Cunha during the 2014-2015 season.

Sail Ho!
Was the traditional cry when a sailing vessel was sighted off Tristan and the prospect of trade created excitement in the village. Today Tristan is a popular port of call for the few intrepid yacht crews that brave South Atlantic waters.

In the 2013-2014 summer season 15 yachts visited Tristan da Cunha (recorded on the 2013 and 2014 Shipping Pages) so this year we have an exclusive page for any yachts that may call.

Report and Thanks from Dutch sailor after month-long passage from Tristan to South Africa
Message from Dutch sailor Willem Van Rij received on 28th January 2015
Willem expressed his gratitude for the reception he was given by the community when he arrived at Tristan on 19th December they gave on the island. He will never forget those days.
He confirmed that he arrived in St. Helena Bay on Friday 23rd January, exactly a month after departing from Tristan da Cunha. The yacht is moored in the harbour of Sandy Bay. His month long passage from tristan was again plagued by mishaps, including the self-steering gear which was once again out of order. But he had enough supplies for the 31 day passage thanks to the the good care of the and generosity of the Tristan people.
Update on 26th January 2015
Alex Mitham reports that Willem Van Rij has reached South Africa safely and is at anchor in St Helena Bay, Vredenburg, some 100kms north of Cape Town.
Dutch Yacht limps to Tristan for a warm welcome and typical generosity
Report from Alex Mitham and Photos from Dawn Repetto

On Friday 19th December at 11.00 a homemade yacht (Way to Brisbane) sailing from Salvador to Cape Town hoved into view on the horizon. Owing to storm damage (a seized engine, broken rudder, problems with rigging etc) the lone Dutch yachtsman (Willem Klass Merten Van Rij) had decided to head for the shelter of Tristan da Cunha.

While Friday was the traditional Break-Up Day, whereby the whole of government closes down for three weeks of well deserved holiday - Tristanians as ever immediately came to the rescue, towing the yacht to anchor off the 1961 volcano, and took the yachtsman ashore for medical treatment.

Owing to battling the South Atlantic for several weeks trying to make land, we decided to keep him in hospital for several days to recuperate; giving him the best medicine off all - Tristanian hospitality and cooking!

Once fully recovered the islanders helped to repair his vessel and provided water, provisions, clothes and a radio. At approximately 12.30 on Tuesday 23rd December he set sail for Cape Town once again. Vessel repaired and fully refreshed due to the kindness and incredible generosity of the islanders

.During his stay we learned that he was sailing around the world by himself from Holland to Brisbane. We wish him a safe onward journey and hope he gets back in touch with us.

Views of the Yacht 'Way to Brisbane' with Tristan barge and RIBs assisting as Islanders take a break on break-up day to help the lone Dutch sailor after arriving on 19th December .

While he may have been proud of sailing alone - no one is truly alone and I would like to thank all the islanders for their help and support in looking after him. This included Dawn Repetto, Conrad and Sharon Glass, Vera and Clive Glass, James and Norman Glass, Rodney Green, Andrew Green, Darren Repetto, Larry, Neil and Adrian Swain, Andy and Lorraine Repetto, Paula Swain, Simon Glass, Anja Smit, Charles Kilgour, Rob Mrowicki and many, many more.

Volvo Ocean Race Yachts in Tristan Waters
The first leg of the 2014 Volvo Ocean Yacht Race departed Alicante on 11th October to Cape Town via the South Atlantic Ocean. Racing boats would not seek to call in at Tristan (unless seeking support) but Tristan Head of Communications Andy Repetto was in contact with the yachts SCA, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Mapfre, Team Brunel and Team Alvimedica who sailed through the Tristan zone.
Andy had a phone call from Amory Ross on the passing yacht Alvimedica who visited us on the crippled yacht Mar Mostro in 2011
- see Mar Mostro Page for the full story of the marooned crew and their eventual rescue!
Amory has written a blog as he passed near Tristan in November 2014 about his memories of his 2011 Tristan experience which can be read on :

Yacht Tranquilo
Report and Photos from Tina Glass

On Wednesday 12th November we had the arrival of the yacht Tranquilo, first for the season from Salvador, Sate of Bahia, Brazil. There were two people on board one Dutch and the other one from Peru. The weather was lovely so they had the opportunity to come ashore on Thursday when they hiked around the Settlement Plain. On Friday 14th they embarked on a mountain hike with Islander Guide Clive Glass climbing Burntwood to explore The Base as they are interested in wildlife. The yacht left later that day after a three day visit to Tristan headed for Cape Town.

Below: Yacht Tranquilo's afternoon departure from Tristan on Friday 14th November
Yacht Kamiros
Report from Tina Glass and photo from Shirley Squibb

On Friday 6th February the yacht Kamiros arrived en-route from Falklands to Cape Town. On board were a German family consisting of parents Hans-Walter Beinerot and Eva Kohler with their two children, Lola and Luca Kohler (aged 10 and 13).

On Sunday 8th they hiked to The Base via Burntwood led by local guide Clive Glass, and the yacht departed for its journey eastwards on Monday 9th February.

It is always exciting for Tristan to receive new unexpected arrivals we look forward to reporting the next yacht to arrive in the South Atlantic.

Below: More photos of the yacht from Rev Denzall Snell taken on 6th February
Yacht Pelagic Australis
Report and Photos from Shirley Squibb
The yacht Pelagic Australis arrived early on the morning of Sunday 7th June and all but one (the skipper) of the eleven visitors came ashore. It was a beautiful day and after visiting the Post and Tourism Centre they had a walk about the settlement. They were delighted that they were invited to join a 1st birthday party, taking place at the Prince Philip hall, where they got to enjoy the refreshments and variety of homemade food as well as chat to the islanders. The visitors left the island at 2pm after a successful day and set sail soon after to beat the impending bad weather.
Photos show the yacht, visitors coming ashore, posing by the famous sign and leaving Calshot Harbour.