St Mary's School presented their Christmas Show to family and friends on Monday 12th December 2022.

School's Christmas Show 2022

Report and photos from Kelly Green

The School's annual Christmas show was held on 12th December 2022, including a Nativity play, along with songs and dances from each of the classes. The children did a great job, and Admin Sean Burns thanked them on behalf of parents, grandparents and the whole island.

Scenes from the Nativity Play

Nativity Play - Mary tells Joseph the good news

Nativity Play - Angels visit the shepherds

Nativity Play - Angels visit the three kings

Nativity Play - The three kings visit Herod

Nativity Play - The three kings

Nativity Play - Joseph and Mary with the baby Jesus

Nativity Play - The shepherds visit the crib

Dances and Songs

Hokey Pokey Dance

Hokey Pokey Dance

Country Dance

Country Dance


Footloose dance

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Singing 'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree'. A carol, 'The Virgin Mary' was also sung.

The show ended with the Admin, Sean Burns, thanking all the teachers and of course the children for all their hard work. As Miss Dilys was away Sean Admin presented Shannon Swain, Jamie Glass and Kieran Glass with their IGCSE certificates. To finish, all stood to sing God save the King.


Admin Sean Burns presenting IGCSE Certificates