Sheila Glass retired from St Mary's School in February 2023

Sheila Glass's retirement from St Mary's School

Report and photos from Rhyanna Swain

Sheila with her retirement gifts

On Friday 17th February 2023, Sheila Glass retired from teaching at the age of 66. Sheila was 65 last year but due to St Mary's being short staffed, she stayed on her role has a pre-school teacher.

Sheila has worked at St Mary's for 42 years, and since the first day she started, she has touched the hearts of many students.

Sheila worked tirelessly to ensure that her students got the help and support they needed. She is an inspiration to us all and St Mary's will never be the same without her.

The staff and students would like to wish her all the best and hope that she enjoys her retirement.

Right: Sheila Glass with her retirement gifts

Sheila with St Mary's School students

Sheila surrounded by St Mary's School students

Sheila with her fellow staff members

Sheila with her fellow staff members