St Mary's School thanks social worker for taking PSHE classes.

Presentation to Shirley Wainwright

Report and photo from Rhyanna Swain

On Friday 13th April 2023. Shirley Wainwright, the Social Worker and her husband were invited to St Mary's School assembly, where the students and staff extended their thanks to her for all she had done.

Presentation to Shirley Wainwright

St Mary's students with Shirley (holding her Thank You card)

For the past five months Shirley had been taking each class individually for PSHE lessons (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education). During this time the children took part in nature walks, visits to the thatched house and graveyards, the police station and the hospital. They talked about the safe use of the internet and Social Media, what Tristan would look like in 50 years and what jobs they might be doing at this time.

Earlier this year Shirley decided to do a time capsule with the whole school, gathering accessories that might not be around in 50 years' time. The children also walked to the patches collecting flora and fauna to put in it.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the work Shirley did with them and was always excited when it was time for PSHE. The staff and students of St Mary's School would like to say a huge thank you to Shirley for all her help and support over the past months, and we all look forward to having her back here again in the not too distant future.