RMS St Helena landed passengers and the Governor Designate on Tristan on the 20th April 2016, but the 4-day visit had to be condensed into 7 hours due to bad weather.

RMS St Helena lands passengers

but four-day visit is condensed into seven hours on Wednesday 20th April

After the huge disappointment of Tuesday 19th, when RMS St Helena arrived in conditions which prevented any attempt at landing, it was a huge relief when the ship returned to Tristan after spending the night off Inaccessible Island and managed to land passengers the following day.

Administrator Alex Mitham and Chief Islander Ian Lavarello led a party who boarded the ship at 08.30 GMT and greet Governor Designate Lisa Phillips. Conditions were deemed safe for passengers to go ashore from 10.00. There followed a hectic programme of revised events crammed into a few hours as plans for overnight stays were unfortunately cancelled. The final group of passengers, including Governor Designate Lisa Phillips returned to the RMS at 17.00 and the ship sailed early for St Helena at 18.00 as the weather again deteriorated.

Photos of the first and last RMS St Helena Tristan visits from the Editor, left, in April 1985 and from Shirley Squibb, right, in April 2016.