Tristan's UK Representative joined an event in London on 20th April 2016 concerning the benefits of the UNESCO World Heritage site designation.

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UNESCO Event in London on 20th April

Tristan's UK Representative Chris Carnegy joined the team from UNESCO at an event in London on 20th April 2016. It marked the launch of a study of the benefits of gaining UNESCO designation, and it came at an important moment for the Tristan archipelago.

Gough Island, part of our UNESCO world heritage site, is under threat from invasive plants and animals. House mice are attacking the albatross chicks, placing the species in critical danger.

Jonathan Hall of the RSPB (pictured with Chris left) is developing a plan to restore Gough to its pristine state. Support from UNESCO, the UK government, and a range of other backers, will be vital to the success of the restoration campaign.