Her Excellency Lisa Phillips was sworn in as Governor of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha on 25th April 2016.

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Her Excellency Lisa Phillips was sworn in as Governor

Photos and reports from Sean Burns, who was Acting Governor until 25th April and will return to Tristan da Cunha for his second term as Administrator in September 2016

HE Lisa Phillips was sworn in as Governor of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha on 25th April 2016
HE Lisa Phillips addressing the large crowd in Jamestown during the ceremony. Sean Burns is seated far right and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Representative Alex Cameron, seated immediate right of the Governor.

Photos of Lisa Phillips' arrival at St Helena:
Left: stepping ashore;
Above: With Marina Burns on the Quay;
Below: Greeting Acting-Governor Sean Burns and his wife Marina (left) with Alex Cameron alongside;
Left: Arriving for the official swearing-in-ceremony.

Extracts from the official news release from the St Helena Government on 25th April:

The RMS St Helena arrived in James’ Bay this morning, bringing with her the new Governor Designate for St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha - Ms Lisa Phillips.

Ms Phillips is the 68th Governor of St Helena and her Dependencies and the first ever female to take on the role. She was sworn in this afternoon, just after 2pm, Monday 25 April 2016.

In her reply to the Sheriff and her address to the public, Governor Phillips gave a speech which began:

Thank you so much for your warm welcome. And I would like to pay tribute to Sean Burns who has been so ably performing the Acting Governor role while I have been on my way.

I am so pleased to be here. I found out I had been successful for this job last summer and have been itching to get here ever since. I have to say it is such an Honour to assume this responsibility and swear the Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen as Her Governor of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

I also count myself very lucky indeed to have visited Tristan da Cunha on my way to St Helena. Such a remarkable place with remarkable people. I think Tristan will hold a special place in my heart from now on and I want to thank the community there for such a fantastic welcome and for the terrific staff of the RMS for getting me there, against all the odds. Even though I am based on St Helena, I am committed to performing my Governor role well in each Territory, including Tristan and Ascension. The Island Council on Tristan da Cunha and the Ascension Island Government have a difficult job, trying to build revenues in order to provide more and better public services. I want to support them to do that.

Following Her Excellency’s remarks, an address was made by Mr Alex Cameron, Head of the Southern Oceans Department, in FCO’s Overseas Territories Directorate. Mr Cameron's speech included these extracts:

Thank you for your warm welcome to St Helena. The Governor and I have been travelling for nearly two weeks now, mingling with the passengers and crew of the magnificent RMS. I will, like many here, mourn the departure of this outstanding vessel when she’s taken out of service later this year. She’s been the lifeline to the Island for many years. I’m sure most assembled here have at one time or another travelled on her. She is your family when onboard, an extension of the Island, and a symbol of the community.

It is poignant to reflect that Lisa Phillips has become the 68th, and final, Governor to have arrived on St Helena by ship. But the past gives way to the future. Last week, an international jet landed on this Island for the first time. And so this Island is not just looking towards the future. It is living in the future.

And we shouldn't forget that Lisa is Governor not just of St Helena, but of Tristan Da Cunha, and Ascension too. These are three of the most beautiful places on earth. They represent our rich history and our shared bonds. They’re inhabited by some of the most resilient people on earth, tied to the UK in a unique way. They harbour magnificent environments, being home to one third of the UK’s endemic species. Lisa has promised to be an active Governor across all her patch. She was visibly moved by her recent visit to Tristan and has told me how much she is looking forward to visiting Ascension.