The website team met Tristan da Cunha Administrators, Alex Mitham and Sean Burns in London on the 21st June 2016 to discuss the future of the Tristan website.

Tristan Website Planning Meeting in London on 21st June 2016

A historic meeting took place in London's Foreign and Commonwealth Office on 21st June 2016 when the Tristan Desk Officer Jonathon Brown hosted a meeting between the current Administrator Alex Mitham, Sean Burns, who has been Acting St Helena Governor, and who returns to Tristan as Administrator in November 2016, Tristan Website Webmaster Peter Millington and Newsletter & Website Editor Richard Grundy. The meeting made plans to launch a re-vamped site later this year and considered future site organisation. Peter demonstrated an on-line editing facility that could be used to update pages directly from the island for the first time.
Left - Peter demonstrating his new design to Sean, Jonathon and Alex; Above - Sean, Peter, Alex and Richard.