Working with Agriculture and Natural Resources Department

Tristan Islanders complete St Helena Training

Report and photographs from the St Helena Government

Kelly working in the office

Tristan Islanders Riaan Repetto and Kelly Swain, undertook a training visit with the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division (ANRD) between April and August 2019.

Kelly's line of work is in horticulture and while on-Island she undertook work experience with the Conservation, Farmers Support, and Biosecurity sections. Kelly also spent some time working with the private sector.

Kelly working with salad crops

Kelly added:

"The time I worked for ANRD was incredible and hopefully will become beneficial to me back home. The overall experience was great, but most of all the people were friendly and kind. This is the first time for me to take part in training on St Helena and was the best decision I made. I love the place and hope to be back soon."

Kelly with one of her St Helena colleagues at the airport.

Riann worked with the Veterinary & Livestock Section to gain veterinary training and experience in preparation for his role on Tristan da Cunha as their Veterinary Officer. Riaan was exposed to all aspects of the veterinary work on-Island from farm to domestic animals.

Riaan with a piglet: Pigs were kept on Tristan in the past, but feed can be relatively expensive.

Riaan commented:

"I had a good time training on St Helena. I found the training to be very beneficial and the people I trained with were the best as they were very kind and helpful."

Riaan on familar ground with some St Helena sheep

Acting Director of Environment, Natural Resources & Planning (ENRP), Darren Duncan, concluded:

"Hosting the training and exposure visit for Riaan and Kelly has been a real pleasure for the ANRD staff involved and it’s just as rewarding to know that both have enjoyed their time with us and their training will be beneficial on their return to Tristan.

"Regional co-operation through collaborative working relationships and capacity building are important to the ENRP Directorate and we are always happy to facilitate the transfer of skills and learning between the islands whenever the opportunity arises to do so."