The Government invites tenders for the design and building of a cargo raft for the island of Tristan da Cunha.

Tender for the Design and Building of a Cargo Raft

Tristan da Cunha CrestThe Government of Tristan da Cunha is pleased to open the tender for
The Design for the Building of a Cargo Raft.

Tristan da Cunha is a very isolated Island. The only way of getting to Tristan is by boat, at least seven-ten days’ trip from Cape Town South Africa. This is the only route for all cargo, including food supplies to reach the Island.

The ships cannot come alongside the Harbour so goods must be lifted by crane from the ship to a raft and then from a raft by crane to the Harbour.

The raft is integral to the Islands survival as it is the only way of bringing supplies from the cargo ships to the Harbour so it has to be robust and long lasting.  The rafts also transport passengers from the ship to shore and for that and for the crew, the Raft must meet high standards of safety.  The rafts are stored on the harbour wall so must be highly resistant to corrosion as salinity is high and sea conditions can be rough.

The Government welcomes any bids from marine engineers/naval architectural firms to provide a bid for the build.

Within the documents are:

01 - ITT Parts 1- 3 - Tender Introduction [PDF]
02 - ITT Part 4 - Tender Evaluation Model [PDF]
03 - ITT Part 5 - Content of Tenders [MS Word]
04 - ITT Part 6 - Specifications/Scope of Works [PDF]
05 - ITT Part 7 - Draft Contract and Schedules [PDF]

Clarifications in Answer to Queries - Added 7th June 2021:

Clarifications - 001

Clarifications in Answer to Queries - Added 11th June 2021:

Clarifications - 002
Clarifications - 003

The key dates are:

Deadline for request for any clarifications from the Contracting Authority 11-06-2021 12 Noon
Deadline for submission of Tenders 18-06-2021 12 Noon
Completion date for evaluation of Tenders 22-06-2021 -
Notification of award to the selected Business 23-06-2021 -
Contract signature 24-06-2021 -

Any responses or queries can be directed to:

Helene Jaumotte, CFO at: or on: +44 (0) 203 014 5110.