Foreign Secretary amongst those briefed on Tristan matters

Tristan’s UK Representative meets senior UK parliamentarians

Report and photo from Tristan Governmernt UK Representative Chris Carnegy

Chris with Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle

An event at Speaker's House in the Palace of Westminster on 9th November 2022 brought a chance to introduce several senior UK parliamentarians to Tristan da Cunha and its current concerns.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and deputy Commons Speaker Dame Eleanor Laing were part of a warm welcome alongside Mr Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

I also had extended talks with Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt and Bracknell MP James Sunderland. Ms Mordaunt is a key advocate for British shipping and I briefed them both on Tristan's ambition for improved connectivity.

The event was originally planned as part of the programme surrounding the 2022 Joint Ministerial Council, and went ahead despite the postponement of the JMC itself.