James Glass represents Tristan da Cunha at historic event

Chief Islander attends Coronation

Tristan da Cunha's Chief Islander welcomed to the Coronation of King Charles III

Chief Islander James Glass and his wife Felicity in Buckingham Palace
during a pre-Coronation Reception at Buckingham Palace during the evening of 5th May.

King Charles III enjoys a joke with Tristan da Cunha Chief Islander James Glass
and his wife Felicity during a Coronation Reception in Buckingham Palace on 5th May.
Thanks to Chris Carnegy, James Glass and Adam Pile for images used on this page.

Chief Islander James Glass


The Coronation of King Charles III


James Glass (third from left in front row) and Governor HE Nigel Phillips (second from right)
and other distinguished guests in Church House on 6th May 2023
prior to taking their places for the Coronation Ceremony in nearby Westminster Abbey.

Another Church House photograph showing James Glass
with Falkland Islands Governor HE Alison Blake and St Helena Chief Minister Julie Thomas
prior to them entering Westminster Abbey for the Coronation.

Chief Islander gives post-coronation interview for Sky News

Sky's Mark Austin interviews James Glass
in the Sky Coronation Studio overlooking Buckingham Palace at c 5.40pm on 6th May 2023

James thought the Coronation Ceremony was exciting and very emotional, especially when the King was crowned and kissed by Prince William accompanied by a trumpet fanfare. He spoke of meeting the King at a Buckingham Palace Reception the previous evening and how King Charles was very passionate about the environment. This was confirmed in 2020 when the King congratulated Tristan on declaring the biggest Atlantic Ocean Marine Protection Zone.

Asked whether King Charles might visit Tristan da Cunha, James replied that it was more likely that Prince Edward might come as he would then be the third Duke of Edinburgh to visit the island. This arose from a conversation with Prince Edward the previous day at the Small Island Developing States Coronation Event held at Lancaster House.

Chief Islander attends Heads of State Reception on Coronation afternoon

James Glass with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt during the Church House Reception
held after the Corontaion during the afternoon of 6th May.

Small Island Developing States Coronation Event held on 5th May in Lancaster House

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, host of the event, welcomes Chief Islander James Glass
with Adam Pile, Deputy Overseas Territories Director at FCDO, in between.

Felicity and James Glass enjoy a joke with Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh
during the Small Island States Coronation Event.

Coronation celebrated on Tristan da Cunha

  • On Saturday 6th May was the inaugural King's Day. In the morning there was a general viewing of the Coronation for the community on a large TV screen in the Prince Philip Community Hall. Afterwards, the community gathered at St Mary's School for fun and games, with later there was a buffet and refreshments at the Prince Philip Hall for the community, where everyone raised a glass for the newly crowned King.

God Save the King