The 2023 Joint Ministerial Council gets underway with a historic ceremony in Speaker's House

Tristan crest at heart of UK Parliament

Report and photos from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

Chief Islander James Glass with House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle
and the Governor of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha HE Nigel Phillips.
They are flanked by the flags of Tristan da Cunha and the UK Union Jack
prior to the unveiling of a new stained glass window in the Speaker's residence
featuring the crest of Tristan da Cunha alongside other emblems of UK Overseas Territories

Four days of political meetings for Chief Islander James Glass got underway on Tuesday 9th May 2023 with the Political Council of the UK Overseas Territories Association. Elected leaders gathered at the National Liberal Club, to look ahead to the JMC agenda and share common concerns. As the meeting opened the Council's chair, Falklands MLA Teslyn Barkman, opened with congratulations to James on his MBE.

Later the Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who is a keen supporter of the OTs, provided a special occasion, with a reception and dinner to celebrate the unveiling of a new pair of stained-glass windows in his exquisite official residence within Parliament. It features the crest of Tristan da Cunha, alongside those of the other OTs plus Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

At the unveiling of the British Family Windows at Speaker's House

James Glass with Overseas Minister Lord Goldsmith and the stained-glass window artist John Reyntiens James alongside a section of the new stained glass window featuring the Tristan da Cunha crest.
Clearer view of the magnificent image of the Tristan da Cunha crest which now adorns
a key part of the British Family Windows at Speaker's House in the Palace of Westminster
which was unveiled during the event on 9th May 2023.

Images from the
Political Council
of the UK Overseas Territories Association
held at the National Liberal Club
on the morning of 9th May
which began the JMC week.

Left: James Glass
with St Helena's Chief Minister Julie Thomas.
Below left: Chris Carnegy and James Glass
preparing for Political Council discussions
Below: The Political Council in session,
with James Glass front left.