Tristan Lobster enjoyed at FCDO Reception

Tristan Marine Protection Zone highlighted at JMC

Report and photos from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

Drone image taken during 2023 BGS survey showing coastal erosion at Hillpiece on the Tristan da Cunha Settlement Plain
which was shown as part of an Overseas Territories video on the  final JMC day.

On Friday 12th May 2023 the JMC held its second and final day of discussions. James made interventions on two topics. In the environment session he described the challenges of delivering conservation work with limited capacity, and stressed that support for Tristan's vast Marine Protection Zone must be long term. And an item on maritime strategy brought the chance to describe Tristan's unbreakable bond with the sea, the nature of its shipping traffic, and Tristanians' ambitions for a better harbour and more vessel calls.

James Glass with other South Atlantic leaders from the left:
Ascension Councillor Laura Shearer, Falkland Islands MLA Teslyn Barkman,
Ascension Councillor Alan Nicholls, St Helena Chief Minister Julie Thomas

A discussion on healthcare brought very welcome confirmation that Tristan now formally has access to the UK NHS for up to ten patients each year if needed. This was a satisfying moment, as it has come after several years of lobbying at previous JMCs against Tristan's previous unjust exclusion.

Lord Goldsmith chaired the latter part of the day proudly wearing a Tristan Conservation Department pin badge!

The day saw two other key moments. Leaders of the south Atlantic Territories gathered in the margins of the meeting. They now plan to meet regularly, usually online, to discuss issues of common concern. And a reception in the sumptuous setting of the Grand Locarno Room rounded off the week. Several friends of Tristan joined the occasion, and canapés made with Tristan lobster featured  on the menu. Lord Goldsmith in his speech gave lavish praise to OTs' conservation work.

Left: Lord Goldsmith being served Tristan Lobster at the reception held in the Grand Locarno Room at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. He is wearing the aforementioned pin badge.
Jo Stockill from the UK Marine Management Organisation and Andrew James of Ovenstone Agencies, the company that has the current contract to fish Tristan Lobster, maintain the shore-based factory and provide essential shipping services to the island.

Chief Islander James Glass in conversation with the
Governor of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
HE Nigel Phillips and Chris Carnegy.

Photo: John Cooper

Tristan da Cunha Association Trustees
at the FCDO Reception, left to right:
Aniket Sardana, Barry Carter,
Co-Chair John Cooper and Hazel Carter.


JMC week has ended with much achieved. We marked the moment of NHS access; we gained powerful prominence for issues of concern to Tristan, and we were warmly welcomed at the heart of Whitehall and Westminster. It was a very productive week for Tristan.