2014 news from Tristan da Cunha's St. Mary's Anglican and St. Joseph's Catholic churches.
Carol Service of Nine Lessons and Carols in St Mary's Church on Sunday 14th December
Photos from Dawn Repetto

Rev. Denzall Snell reading a lesson

The Crib Scene

Christmas Tree

Administrator Alex Mitham reading a lesson

Tristan Remembers
Remembrance Sunday Service and Ceremony held on 9th November 2014
Report from Dawn Repetto and Photos from Robin Repetto

The start of the service in St Mary's Church:
Left to Right - Chloe Glass, Eddie Rogers, Jade Repetto,
Rev. Denzall Snell and Rhyanna Swain

Rev. Denzall welcoming the congregation

Remembrance Sunday was held at St Mary’s Church this year and the service was carried out by Rev. Denzall. The Administrator and Acting Chief Islander recited the first and second readings and Rev. Denzall dedicated his sermon to the fallen and those still in war. The Admin. and Acting Chief Islander presented their wreathes, laying them on the alter.

After the sermon two candles were lit & two poems were read by the young people. The first candle was lit by Shannon Swain and the first poem by Maxine Kendall called “A Wish”, was read by Rhyanna Swain - This was in remembrance of all those who died in in war. The second candle was lit by Amber Repetto and the second poem, by David Roberts called “There Will Be Peace”, was read by Jade Repetto - this was in remembrance of all those who suffer as a result of war and those who are striving for peace around the world.

Laying the wreaths on the altar.

Rhyanna and Shannon Swain, Rev Denzall
and Amber and Jade Repetto

Rhyanna reading a poem of peace
Amber lighting a candle of peace
Lay Reader Eddie Rogers leading the procession from St Mary's Church to continue the service outside the Prince Philip Hall.
Administrator Alex Mitham, Acting Chief Islander Lorraine Repetto and Lay Reader Eddie Rogers at the the flagpole
The congregation then followed Rev. Denzall, the lay-minister, three servers and the Administrator and Acting Chief Islander
to the Prince Philip Hall where the wreathes were laid at the foot of the flagpole, under the commemorative plaque.
The Acting Chief Islander said a prayer followed by a poem “Do not stand at my grave and weep” read by the Admin .
Rev. Denzall then closed the service with a prayer.
The wreathes at the foot of the flagpole
Alex Mitham reads a poem
alongside Eddie Rogers.
Alex Mitham laying the Government Wreath alongside
the Tristan Community's Wreath laid previously by Lorraine Repetto
Rev. Denzall closing the service with a prayer

Double Christening Service on Sunday 12th October in St Mary's Church
Owen Glass and Mia Williams Baptised during 8am Holy Communion Service
Report and Photos from Shirley Squibb and Tina Glass
The Christenings of Owen Glass and Mia Williams were both held in St Mary's Church at 8am on Sunday 12th October.
Afterwards Owen's parents Natasha and Simon had a reception at their home
whilst Mia's parents Sonia and Andy held theirs in the Prince Philip Hall.

Photos of Owen's Christening in St Mary's Church

Above - Owen, Godparents and close family Left to Right

Back Row: Kobus Potgieter, Julian Repetto,
Sarah Glass, Gavin Green, Andrea Repetto, Riaan Repetto,
Lillie and Cliff Swain, Jason Green.
Middle row: Natalie Swain, Owen Glass,
George Swain, Owen's father Simon Glass, Rev. Denzall Snell,
Lay Minister Lars Repetto, Owen's mother Natasha Glass and his sister Chloe Glass.
Front row: Owen's brother Jamie Glass.
Missing Godparents presently abroad:
Rachel Green, Katie Cunningham and Joseph Muller.

Right: Rev. Denzall Snell performs Owen's Baptism
assisted by, Lay Minister Lars Repetto

Owen Glass in the arms of his Godparent Natalie Swain and next to his father Simon during the service.

Mia with her parents and Godparents
at the Reception in the Prince Philip Hall

Left to Right:
Cedric Swain, Andy, Sonia and Mia Williams, Matthew
Green, Desiree Repetto and Francesca Green.
Godparents not in the photo were Wayne Swain, Lorna Lavarello-Smith and Paula Smith

Historic Service in St Mary's Church
as Islander Rev Lorna Lavarello-Smith celebrates Holy Communion on her return home
Report from Dawn Repetto and Tina Glass - Photos from Robin Repetto

Rev Lorna Lavarello-Smith made an emotional return to her home Church of St Mary's to celebrate Holy Communion with her family and friends on Sunday 14th September alongside Rev Denzall Snell and Lay Minister Carlene-Glass Green.

Views of Lorna during the service

During the service Lorna presented St Mary's Church with a special altar cloth made by the ' Sew n' Natter Group' led by Shirley Hales from the UK St Andrews and all Saints Church where she is resident priest. Lorna dedicated the cloth and trimmings to her late parents Pamela and Basil Lavarello. Pamela often played the organ during services at St Mary's.

Dawn summed up the significance of the occasion when she said the service was 'A great occasion for the island people as this is our first islander priest.'

On Sunday 21st September Lorna will lead the St Mary's service to allow Rev Denzall Snell to contribute to the service at St Joseph's Catholic Church held at the same time.



Lorna alongside Server Jade Repetto
Rev Lorna Lavarello-Smith with Rev Father Denzall Snell
and Lay Minister Carlene-Glass Green

Tristan children receive their first Holy Communion
on Sunday 7th September in St Mary's Church
Photos from Tina Glass

Young Communicants gathered with their parents and backed by Rev Denzall Snell
and Lay Minister Eddie Rogers in front of the altar of St Mary's Church on 7th September 2014.
First Communicants left to right: Calum Green, Chantelle Repetto, Shannon Swain, Jamie Glass, Tristan Glass and Amber Repetto.
Parents behind left to right: Raymond and Wendy Green, Paul and Geraldine Repetto, Larry and Tracy Swain, Natasha and Simon Glass, Tina and Trevor Glass, Robin and Dawn Repetto

Chantelle Repetto with parents Paul and Geraldine
Calum Green with parents Raymond and Wendy
Shannon Swain with parents Larry and Tracy
Jamie Glass whose parents Simon and Natasha were present
Tristan Glass with parents Trevor and Tina
Amber Repetto with parents Robin and Dawn (sister Jade is behind Amber here)

Charlie Squibb Christened on Sunday 27th July in St Mary's Church
Photos and Report from his mother Shirley Squibb

Charlie William Squibb

Parents Jody and Shirley with Rev Denzall Snell
and Lay Minister Eddie Rogers with Godparents
Left to right back row: Wayne Swain, Steve Swain, Eddie Rogers, Jody Squibb, Robin Repetto and John Lavarello. Front row, left to right Dawn Repetto, Shirley Squibb, Charlie Squibb, Rev Denzall Snell and Marie Repetto
Other Godparents overseas are:
Melanie Young in UK and Jake Squibb in France.

Shirley, Jody and Charlie Squibb

Rev Denzall Snell and Lay Minister Eddie Rogers

St Mary’s Church has a new priest at last

St Mary’s Church was without a resident priest from July 2010,
when Father Chris Brown departed
until Rev Denzall Snell’s arrival on 16th May 2014.

The gap without a resident priest is the longest since
Rev Martin Rogers arrived in 1922
following Rev Graham Barrow’s departure in 1909.

Rev Denzall Snell's first service was on Sunday 18th May
when he was officially introduced to the congregation
by Churchwarden Lars Repetto.

Photo of Rev Denzall Snell and his wife Sinyati
in St Mary's Church by Lars Repetto

Rev Denzall Snell introduces himself and his wife is an article which is published in the August 2014 Tristan Newsletter.

HH Pope Francis presented with framed Tristan da Cunha Stamps

On Wednesday 26th March 2014 the Chief Executive Officer of Pobjoy Mint Ltd (who organise the publication of Tristan da Cunha stamps) presented, His Holiness Pope Francis I a framed presentation of the 2013 Tristan da Cunha Christmas Stamp issue. The stamps feature His Holiness between photos of St Joseph's Catholic Church on Tristan and St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican City in Rome as shown above.

See also Post Office News Page

Photo Left from Pobjoy Mont

New Priest Appointed

The Anglican Diocese of Cape Town have announced that The Reverend Denzall Snell has been appointed as the new Priest at St Mary's Church Tristan da Cunha. He and his wife Sinyati are due to sail from Cape Town to Tristan on 9th May 2014.

St Mary’s Anglican Church has been without a resident priest since Father Chris Brown left in July 2010, so there will be great relief on Tristan that an appointment has now been made and a new incumbent will take up post within four years. The gap without a resident priest is the longest since Rev Martin Rogers arrived in 1922 following Rev Graham Barrow’s departure in 1909.

We look forward to reporting on Rev Snell's ministry on this site and in the Tristan Newsletter