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Stamp issue: Garden Flowers

Issue date: 18th April 2024

Hydrangea, 45p Indian Shot, 60p Arum Lily, £1.10 Montbretia, £1.80
202401 Mint Stamps (45p, 60p, £1.10, £1.80) £3.95
202408 First Day Cover (with 45p, 60p, £1.10, £1.80 stamps) £5.15

Stamps featuring garden flowers that are popular on Tristan.

Designs: 45p - Hydrangea; 60p - Indian Shot; £1.10 - Arum Lily; £1.80 - Montbretia; FDC - Rose

Page Updated: Tristan da Cunha Post Office Picture Postcards

Postcards of the Tristan da Cunha archipelago in the middle of the South Atlantic, available from the Post Office.
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