Details of stamps that have been withdrawn from sale and can no longer be ordered from the Tristan da Cunha Post Office.

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Stamp issue: The Sword of Peace

Issue date: 8th December 2020

The Sword of Peace, £1, SAS Simon van der Stel   The Sword of Peace, £2, RFA Ennerdale
202017 Mint Stamps (£1.50, £2.50) £4.00
202018 First Day Cover (with £1.50, £2.50 stamps) £5.00

Stamps commemorating 50 years since the award of the Sword of Peace to RFA Ennerdale for its part in an emergency search operation at Gough Island.

Designs: £1.50 - SAS Simon van der Stel; £2.50 - RFA Ennerdale;
FDC - South African meteorological station on Gough Island and 1969 commemorative cover.

Stamp issue: Vagrant Species Part 2

Issue date: 9th November 2020

Vagrant Species Part 2, 45p, Leatherback Turtle Vagrant Species Part 2, 60p, Purple Gallinule Vagrant Species Part 2, £1, Black Witch Moth Vagrant Species Part 2, £2, King Penguin
202011 Mint Stamps (45p, 60p, £1, £2) £4.05
202012 First Day Cover (with 45p, 60p, £1, £2 stamps) £5.05

Stamps showing some of the non-native species that occasionally turn up on Tristan's islands.

Designs: 45p - Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea); 60p - Purple Gallinule (Porphyrio martinica);
£1 - Black Witch Moth (Ascalapha odorata); £2 - King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus);
FDC - Kelp Gull (Larus dominicanus)

Stamp issue: Mid Atlantic Healthcare

Issue date: 20th October 2020

Tristan healthcare, 45p, Mission House and ship's surgeon dental inspection Tristan healthcare, 70p, Station Hospital and immunisation Tristan healthcare, £1.10, Camogli Hospital and consultation Tristan healthcare, £1.50, Camogli Healthcare Centre and operating
202009 Mint Stamps (45p, 70p, £1.10, £1.50) £3.75
202010 First Day Cover (with 45p, 70p, £1.10, £1.50 stamps) £4.75

These stamps illustrate the history of healthcare on Tristan da Cunha.

Designs: 45p - Mission House and ship's surgeon dental inspection, 70p - Station Hospital and immunisation,
£1.10 - Camogli Hospital and consultation, and £1.50 - Camogli Healthcare Centre and operating

Stamp issue: Sharks: Part 1

Issue date: 29th September 2020

Sharks, 45p, Broadnose Sevengill Shark Sharks, 70p, Porbeagle Sharks, £1.10, Great Hammerhead Sharks, £1.50, Blue Shark
202007 Mint Stamps (45p, 70p, £1.10, £1.50) £3.75
202008 First Day Cover (with 45p, 70p, £1.10, £1.50 stamps) £4.75

This set of stamps shows four of the shark species found in Tristan waters.

Designs: 45p - Broadnose Sevengill Shark (Notorynchus cepedianus), 70p - Porbeagle (Lamna nasus),
£1.10 - Great Hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran), and £1.50 - Blue Shark (Prionace glauca)

Stamp issue: Female Ancestors

Issue date: 7th May 2020

Female Ancestors, 35p, Maria Leenders, Cape Colony, 1816 Female Ancestors, 55p, The St Helena Women, arrived 1827 Female Ancestors, £1.60, Susannah Philips, St Helena, arrived 1867 Female Ancestors, £1.80, The Smith Sisters, Mullingar, Ireland, arrived 1908
202005 Mint Stamps (45p, 50p, £1.00, £2.00) £3.95
202006 First Day Cover (with 45p, 50p, £1.00, £2.00 stamps) £4.95

Stamps commemorating Tristan da Cunha's female ancestors.

Stamp Design Details: 45p - Maria Leenders; 50p - The St Helena women; £1.00 - Susannah Philips;
£2.00 - The Smith sisters; FDC - Painting of Tristan da Cunha by Augustus Earle, 1824

Stamp issue: 25th Anniversary of UNESCO World Heritage Site

Issue date: 24th March 2020

  25th Anniversary of UNESCO World Heritage Site, 35p, Tristan Albatross 25th Anniversary of UNESCO World Heritage Site, 55p, Gough Bunting   25th Anniversary of UNESCO World Heritage Site: £3.50 Souvenir sheetlet, Inaccessible Island Rail  
  25th Anniversary of UNESCO World Heritage Site, £1.60, Spectacled Petrel 25th Anniversary of UNESCO World Heritage Site, £1.80, Rockhopper Penguin    
202001 Mint Stamps (35p, 55p, £1.60, £1.80) £4.30
202002 First Day Cover (with 35p, 55p, £1.60, £1.80 stamps) £5.30
202003 Souvenir sheetlet with £3.50 stamp £3.50
202004 First Day Cover £3.50 souvenir sheetlet £4.50

Stamps marking the 25th anniversary of Gough and Inaccessible Islands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stamp Design Details: 35p - Tristan Albatross (Diomedea dabbenena); 55p - Gough Bunting (Rowettia goughensis);
£1.60 - Spectacled Petrel or Ringeye (Procellaria conspicillata); £1.80 - Rockhopper Penguin (Eudyptes moseleyi);
£3.50 - Inaccessible Island Rail (Atlantisia rogersi), FDC - South coast of Gough Island