Reports from the 2016 project to repair and dredge Calshot Harbour, Tristan da Cunha.

2016 Calshot Harbour Works

Report and photos from Clerk of Works Barry Davies and Sea and Shore Manager Ted Adam

Work to repair and dredge Calshot Harbour commenced in early February following the arrival of MV Baltic Trader from Cape Town with plant, equipment and contractors. Work was expected to go on until May 2016, but will be finished earlier thanks to seven day working by the contractors and favourable weather conditions. MV Baltic Trader left Cape Town on 1st April to transport contractors back home after what is heading towards a successful project.

Final 2016 Cape Town - Tristan Baltic Trader voyage update

The final MV Baltic Trader voyage from Cape Town to Tristan arrived 30th November 2016, carrying materials for harbour repairs.
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Latest Harbour Work enables landing despite swell

The deepening of the harbour and a new method using cranes to lift loaded RIBs into and out of the water enabled passengers to land from the MV Edinburgh in difficult conditions.
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Harbour works to finish early

Writing on 5th April 2016, Administrator Alex Mitham reports that the work on Calshot Harbour has gone better than expected with a completion date well ahead of schedule. The harbour project has transformed the basin, significantly reducing the swell and refraction of the waves.

Therefore MV Baltic Trader left Cape Town on 1st April ahead of schedule to pick up the contractors who have worked so efficiently in better than expected weather conditions.

Photo Left from Barry Davies shows Sea and Shore workers Jorri, Vinnie and Ted Adam

Week 11 Monday 28th March to Sunday 3rd April 2016

The calm seas of previous weeks became a thing of the past as the increasing swells was a reminder of the approaching winter. Fortunately most of the excavated material had been removed the previous week. The barge, filled with water and weighing over 100 tonnes, pulled over the bollard on the left during the night as it was battered by the sea
Excavator cutting ladder recess with Rockwheel Drilling & fixing tyre fenders at South Quay
“Between the Devil and the deep blue sea”. Removing the excavator from the barge ahead of predicted 5m seas. Cannonball survey revealed several high spots. It was necessary to put the excavator back on the barge, after the storm, and rip and remove these high spots.
Surveying in channel to ensure the high spots were removed. A bar sweep survey of the area was then conducted to ensure the area was dredged to specification before removing the excavator. High spots material removed by crane and rock skip.
Excavator walking off for the last time after the Bar Sweep survey confirmed that dredging had been completed. Preparations to Boat Storage slabs.

Harbour Works Week 9

Report and Photos from Barry Davies

The week to Sunday 20th March 2016 was devoted largely to excavation in the channel entrance of the harbour. The barge was moved out sequentially from the basin, ripping the rocky seabed, evacuating broken material and stockpiling it as close to the East Breakwater as possible. Material was moved around the corner and the barge used as a seawall to protect the loose material from being reclaimed by the sea before removal could occur. The weather was extremely kind with flat seas all week.

Above: Barge position 9 at channel entrance. The channel seaward of this position is deep enough at + 2 metres depth.

Right: Removing rock outcrop at entrance to channel.

Left : Barge placed to protect excavated material from being reclaimed by sea. Material is loaded onto dumper truck and removed to East Beach. Approximately 950 m2 of rock was broken and removed from harbour entrance channel.

Below left: Preparing for infill of concrete between new and existing slabs on the East Pier.

Below: Spoil site on East Beach now containing approximately 3100 m3 of excavated material formerly on the basin of Calshot Harbour.

Report from Factory Manager Erik MacKenzie, 17th March 2016

News of commercial fishing, factory production and harbour works at Tristan da Cunha.
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Positive report from Factory Manager Erik MacKenzie

17th March 2016

The harbour work is coming along very well and wave action has already been reduced in the harbour as expected. An impressive amount of work is being performed by the 11 strong team from Sea and Shore who are working flat out 7 days a week to try and complete what is a very big task.

Harbour Works Week 8 Update

Above and left: Dredging continues in the harbour channel

Above: Installing drains

Above right: Concrete repairs to quay tops

Right: Concrete poured into voids in the South Quay

Harbour works in progress early March 2016

Excavator dredging from the east harbour arm with extended arm used for the first time to give an additional 3m reach for ripping and excavating. Excavator dredging from the main west harbour arm
Fitting shutters to voids between pre-cast blocks in quay walls. Pumping concrete into voids
Growing stockpile of material excavated from harbour basin. Approximately 750 cubic meters to 1st March now on east beach. Sunrise over Big Point with MV Edinburgh engaged in fishing in the distance.
Assembling a steel cradle for pontoons Cutting a recess in concrete for installation of ladder using the Rockwheel
Operations on the east arm Further dredging and loading onto dumper truck
Two views of dredging from a floating pontoon to reach the centre of the harbour basin

Above: Action photos of the dredging of the central harbour basin from the pontoon.

Left: Ted Adam, the director of marine engineering contractors Sea & Shore who are carrying out the harbour work, with work in progress behind.

MV Baltic Trader Harbour Repair Trip Update

The MV Baltic Trader departed Cape Town for Tristan da Cunha on the 19th January 2016 carrying materials and crew for repairing Calshot Harbour.
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Loading the Baltic Trader 16th - 19th January 2016

Photos from Barry Davies showing loading of plant and equipment being loaded onto MV Baltic Trader 16-19th January 2016

November 2015 photos of preparations to test and pack equipment

for the 2016 Calshot Harbour works

from Ted Adam of Sea & Shore Projects (Pty) Ltd

Rockwheel drilling bit for excavation Pontoon loaded onto cradle

Testing concrete mixer and pump Breaker tested from truck arm