News of Tristan da Cunha's Calshot Harbour, including damage, repairs and improvements.

MFV Edinburgh's September-November 2022 Fishing Voyage

The MFV Edinburgh departed Trstan on the 4th November 2022.
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Tender for the Design and Building of a Cargo Raft

The Government invites tenders for the design and building of a cargo raft for the island of Tristan da Cunha.
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MV Baltic Trader's cargo voyage

Christmas Eve departure back to Cape Town
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Page Updated: Tristan da Cunha Calshot Harbour

Tristan's harbour can only handle inshore craft, so ships must anchor offshore and ferry passengers and cargo in boats. The fabric is often affected by storms.
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Deeper Harbour Benefits Cruise Visitors

New benefits for cruise passengers from the deepened Calshot Harbour.
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Moulding Spare Harbour Dolosse

The PWD has been moulding 100 dolosse as a stockpile for emergencies.
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School Beach Clean Up Day

At the suggestion of the fish factory manager, school students spent a day clearing rubbish from the beeches around Calshot Harbour.
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2017 Calshot Harbour Refurbishment

Contractors from Ship and Shore carried out repairs to Tristan's Calshot Harbour between January and March 2017
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Baltic Trader makes extra February-March 2017 charter trip

MV Baltic Trader's charter to transport Camogli Harbour workers
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Final 2016 Cape Town - Tristan Baltic Trader voyage update

The final MV Baltic Trader voyage from Cape Town to Tristan arrived 30th November 2016, carrying materials for harbour repairs.
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Latest Harbour Work enables landing despite swell

The deepening of the harbour and a new method using cranes to lift loaded RIBs into and out of the water enabled passengers to land from the MV Edinburgh in difficult conditions.
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Harbour works to finish early

Work on Calshot Harbour has gone better than expected with a completion date well ahead of schedule.
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