2017 Christmas Holiday exploratory fishing voyage

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Argos Vigo's fishing trip

Report and Photos (unless stated) from Tristan Administrator Sean Burns

Departure from Tristan

The fishing vessel Argos Vigo returned to Tristan on the morning of Tuesday 9th January to drop off Tristan Fisheries Department observer Rodney Green who has spent Christmas and New Year working aboard the vessel.

I took the opportunity to get aboard with visiting Cefas officer, Oliver Yates to talk to the captain about the fishing and also consult the two other Cefas scientists, Georgia Robson and Ramon Benedet about the work being done on the experimental pelagic fishing and sustainability. They have been on board for the whole trip and departed with the ship as it left Tristan on 9th January.

Above: Photo from Oliver Yates showing the
MFV Argos Vigo anchored off Tristan
prior to departure on 9th January 2018.

Left: Three Cefas scientists, left to right:
Ramon Benedet, Oliver Yates and Georgia Robson
on the bridge of the Argos Vigo when returning to
Tristan da Cunha on Tuesday 9th January 2018
at the end of the exploratory fishing trip.

Arrival at Tristan

The fishing vessel MFV Argos Vigo arrived at Tristan on 13th December 2017. Bad weather prevented anyone coming ashore until Friday 15th December when these two photographs of the vessel were taken. Tristan Fisheries Observer Rodney Green went aboard that day to join two Cefas (The UK Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) staff who are assisting with fishery research focussed around sustainability. The vessel then headed off to the sea mounts for three weeks, and so Rodney will spend his Christmas and New Year at sea.

Sean's photos show the MFV Argos Vigo off Tristan on 15th December 2017
with different light effects giving the ship two distinctive appearances.