MFV Edinburgh departs Tristan on 28th April for return to Cape Town

MFV Edinburgh's March-May 2018 Voyage

Report from Sean Burns and Cynthia Green

Return passage to Cape Town

MFV Edinburgh came back from fishing on Friday 27th April.  The lobster product and general cargo was back loaded on Saturday 28th April and the following passengers boarded at 5pm: Islanders Benny & Sylvia Green, Julian Repetto, Leanne Swain, Joan Repetto, Ian Lavarello, Eugene Repetto and Adrian Swain; Alasdair & Barbara Wyllie, Dr. Carel Van der Merwe and Shepherd Tichivangani. The ship sailed for Cape Town at 9.00pm.

Outward trip to Tristan

MFV Edinburgh left Cape Town during the evening of Tuesday 27th March 2018 and arrived at Tristan on 3rd April. at 09.30.  The following passengers were offloaded at 10.30 as offloading also began: Islanders  James and Felicity Glass, Ian Lavarello, Dilys Green, Barney Swain, Adrian Swain, David and Doreen Swain;  Dr Allan Cortes, Shepherd Tichivangani (CTBTO Engineer) and Cefas scientist Ramon Benedet, who will stay with the ship during fishing operations.

MFV Edinburgh offloading at Tristan on 3rd October 2017