Ship returns to Cape Town

Geo Searcher 2019-2020 Fishing Voyage

Update from Cynthia Green

Passengers boarded the Geo Searcher about 11.25 am on Thursday 16th January and the ship departed for Cape Town later that day at 12.50pm.

Passengers on board are: Islanders Dereck and Hilary Rogers, Clive and Vera Glass, Gerry Repetto, Ricky Swain and Renee and Dylan Green; Dr Jack Dascalu, Webmaster Peter Millington and visitor Vuthy Hastings.

The Geo Searcher arrived back at Cape Town on Friday 24th January 2020.

Peter Millington's photo shows MFV Geo Searcher (behind) at the
Tristan anchorage with MFV Edinburgh (in front) on 29th November.

Report from Cynthia Green

MFV Geo Searcher departed Cape Town on the morning of Saturday 9th November 2019 for its extended fishing trip to the outer islands of Gough, Inaccessible and Nightingale Islands until January 2020.

Passengers on board were: Islanders Paul, Geraldine, Chantelle & Katie Repetto, Danny Swain, Lynette & Leah-Faye Green, Herbert & Barbara Glass; Finance Officer Helene Jaumotte and Marine Ecologist Rob Mrowicki & partner Emma Nolan.

The ship arrived at Tristan on Saturday 16th November when passengers safely disembarked, but sea conditions were unsuitable for cargo offloading. MFV Geo Searcher completed cargo offloading on 29th November.



MFV Geo Searcher off Inaccessible Island

Sean Burns' photo shows the MFV Geo Searcher off Inaccessible Island in January 2019