The MFV Edinburgh departed Tristan on the 17th January 2023.

MFV Edinburgh's Summer 2022/23 Fishing Voyage

Reports from Cynthia Green

Departure from Tristan

Passengers went aboard the MFV Edinburgh just after 3:00pm on the 17th January 2023, and she sailed for Cape Town at 4.50pm. The passengers are:

Islanders: Gary & Rita Repetto, Danny Swain and Janine Lavarello; Relatives: Carlos Tinoco, Avril Repetto-Tinoco & Catarina Tinoco

Non-islanders: Dr. Abigail Paton; Fouche Conradie (Factory Technical Manager), Anuskah, Rishka & Charles Hahn

MFV Edinburgh off the Tristan settlement, 1st November 2022

MFV Edinburgh off the settlement, early November 2022
(Photo: Antje Steinfurth)

Arrival at Tristan

The MFV Edinburgh arrived at Tristan late on Tuesday evening and passengers came ashore at 8:00am on Wednesday 30th November 2022. The passengers were:

Islanders: Joyce Hagan, Deborah Swain, Elizabeth Rogers, Evelyn Hagan and Neil Swain;

Non-islanders: Sean & Marina Burns (Administrator Designate & wife), Shirley Wainwright & Adriaan de Schipper (New Social Worker & Husband), and Carmen Ferreira, Kenneth Bailey & Tasmin du Preez (Inaccessible Flax Team)

Departure from Cape Town

The MFV Edinburgh departed Cape Town on Tuesday evening 22nd November 2022.