The MFV Lance departed Tristan on the 5th May 2023.

MFV Lance April-May 2023 Voyage

Reports from Cynthia Green

Departure from Tristan

The remainder of the cargo was offloaded from the MFV Lance on Friday 5th May 2023. Passengers boarded the ship just after midday and she sailed for Cape Town later that afternoon.

Passenger are: Islanders: Ricky & Amanda Swain, Ken & Judy Green, Nathan Swain, and Andrea Repetto. Non-islanders: Dr. Carel Van der Merwe (Doctor); Emil Pirzenthal (Marine Biologist) & Jessica Escobar Porras (Marine Management); and Christiaan Gerber.

Arrival at Tristan

The MFV Lance arrived about 6:30pm on Sunday 30th April 2023, and passengers came ashore just after 10:00am on Monday 1st May. Offloading commenced shortly afterwards.

Passengers were: Islanders: Roger & Rosemary Glass, and Dean & Anita Repetto;

MFV Lance in February 2023

MFV Lance picking up passengers from the settlement in February 2023 (Photo: Sally Wonner)

Non-islanders: Lucy Kellermeier- Scott (doctor's wife), Peter Foster (Head Teacher), and Fouche Conradie, Anuskah, Rishka & Charles Hahn (Factory Technical Manager and family).

Departure from Cape Town

The MFV Lance departed Cape Town on Thursday 20th April 2023 about 6:00pm.