The global coronavirus pandemic is disrupting post from Tristan, which goes via South Africa.

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COVID-19 and Post from Tristan

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Notice from Tristan's postmistress Iris Green, 7th May 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, delivery of all domestic and international mail is on hold while South Africa is under lockdown and most air transport is cancelled. This affects the sending of mail from Tristan, because all our post goes via the South African Post Office (SAPO).

We are still accepting philatelic orders via the website, by email and by telephone, and we have been telling customers that our next post out could be sometime in July. However if the SAPO is still under lockdown then, we will not send mail out until we are sure it can be processed. This also applies to handicraft and gift shop orders.

Tristan Post Office customers may wish to monitor the situation on the SAPO website.  The status of SAPO's services is given on their home page (, and relevant news is likely to be published on their Press Releases web page (